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Our professional (DEC certified) team provides optimal lawn and shrub care services for the WNY and Finger Lake counties of NY. We take great pride in the work we do and treat each property as though it is our own.


Lawn Care

Fertilizer & Weed Control

Five (5) treatments of naturally based fertilizer containing Nitrogen and Potassium for color and plant health from the leaf blade to the roots. We will at times add iron for additional health and color, and other micro and macro nutrients as needed. We use pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to control weeds such as Crabgrass, Ground Ivy, Chickweed, Dandelion, and other common broadleaf weeds. All decisions are based on the time of the year and climatic conditions for optimum results.

Lime Treatment

To allow fertilizers to be available to the grass plant, sometimes the soil needs to be adjusted for the pH. A lime treatment is great for allowing the grass plant to obtain all available nutrients. WNY lawns are generally acidic in nature and lime will help. A soil pH test is generally recommended.

Grub & Cranefly Treatment

The larva stage of many Beetle and Cranefly species can destroy a lawn quickly by consuming the turf roots. Stop them in their tracks with this valuable treatment.

Mechanical Aeration

This treatment is extremely beneficial to the lawn. It works by loosening the soil and eliminating thatch. This allows water, air and nutrients to become more readily available to the grass roots, creating a thicker stand of turf and less compaction.

Vegetation Treatment

We offer an organic and a conventional approach to removing any unwanted vegetation including broadleaf weeds and grasses.

plant care

Plant Care

Tree/Shrub Fertilization

We treat in the spring and fall with a unique blend of fertilizers. The results are a stronger, healthier, and aesthetically pleasing plant. It aids in an efficient photosynthesis process and vigorous growth while also developing healthier root development.

Tree Injection Emerald Ash Borer

This is an extremely effective treatment in borer control. Emerald Ash Borer, Bronze Birch Borer, and other wood damaging insects are extremely destructive and can cause life threatening injuries to the tree and a hazard to the safety of the public. Ash and Birch are especially at risk to borer injury and total tree death.

Insect Control

We will visit your property and inspect/treat for leaf, stem or bark damaging insects such as caterpillars, beetles, scale, mites, aphids, etc.

Disease Management

Mr. Lawncare Tree/Shrub Care uses fungicides designed to treat specific problems. Diseases such as: Apple Scab, Needlecast, Fire Blight, Cytosphora Canker are scheduled at the correct time for ideal control.

home insect care

Home Insect Care

Organic Perimeter Pest Control

Four (4) treatments around your foundation of our organic insect repellent. This will keep the insects outside where they belong.

Organic Mosquito & Tick Control

Make sure your family and pets are safe from Mosquito diseases this year. With our 100% Organic Mosquito and Tick product, it makes it completely safe for children, pets, and wildlife.
Conventional options for insect control are also available upon request.

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Lawn Mowing

We will perform weekly mowing, string-trimming to your lawn. We will clean the driveway and sidewalks as needed. Weekly inspection of the condition of the lawn is always included. Relax while we do the work. We follow all Cornell University guidelines for height.

Call now for service areas and scheduling this spring.

Seasonal Maintenance

Leaf removal, weed pulling, bed mulching, bed edging, shrub trimming, we do it all and do it well. Our landscape professionals will keep your yard looking its best all year long.

Spring Clean Up

  • Weeding of all mulch/stone beds
  • Fresh 90° natural edge to all beds that meet lawn areas
  • Removal of excess mulch from beds to ensure bed health
  • Light trimming and pruning of dead/damaged limbs of shrubs
  • Dead-heading of flowers/grasses left from previous season
  • Pruning/removal of dead/damaged tree limbs under 8’
  • Application of granular weed inhibitor in all beds ($1.95 per pound)
  • Complete a hard edge on concrete walks/driveway that meet lawn areas
  • Clean up and/or raking to lawn and beds of all debris
  • Curb cleanup of debris/road grit

Early Season Shrub Trimming

  • Performed between dates of May 25th and July 2nd
  • Semi-loose trimming/pruning of shrubs for shaping and health
  • Prune out dead, damaged or diseased limbs from shrubs
  • Prune low-hanging, dead, damaged or diseased tree limbs under 8’
  • Clean up and removal of debris


  • Performed as close as possible to completion of spring clean up or bed prep
  • 2” application of triple ground hardwood mulch to existing mulch beds/tree ring

Monthly Property Maintenance

  • Clean up of loose debris/trash on entire site
  • Weeding and light pruning of shrubs in all beds
  • Use string trimmer to edge beds and knock down weeds in driveway/sidewalk cracks
  • Prune suckers and damaged/diseased tree limbs under 8’
  • Use blowers to clean entire site including decks, patios, porches and curbs
  • Apply granular weed inhibitor to all beds ($1.95 per pound)

Mid-Season Trimming

  • Performed between dates of July 6th and August 27th
  • Light pruning and shaping of all shrubs and perennials

Fall Trimming

  • Performed between dates of September 15th and October 31st
  • Tight pruning and trimming on all shrubs to shape and maintain size
  • Cut down all perennials and ornamental grasses

Fall Clean Up

  • Performed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or one-time basis at customer’s discretion
  • Clean up of all leaves/debris on site
  • Weeding of all landscape beds
  • Trimming of shrubs if needed
  • Cut down all perennials/ornamental grasses

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